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There are various types of accommodation options in Japan, from traditional Ryokans to Western style ‘hotels’, as well as relatively reasonably priced hotels for business travellers, called ‘Business Hotels’. Price and service vary depending on each establishment so visitors are able to find accommodation to meet their budget and needs.

Hotels in Japan

The main difference between ‘Hotels’ and ‘Business Hotels’ is the size of the rooms and types of services offered. ‘Business Hotels’ are unique to Japan and are great for the budget traveller. The rooms are smaller and facilities are fewer compared to the western style hotels, however ‘Business Hotels’ are often located in close proximately to transport and also provide a number of amenities such as toothbrushes and skin care products. It is recommended to book early for stays during Japan’s holiday periods and peak travel season and visitors should also research nearby facilities and access routes to the city. For those not sure about what kind of hotel to choose, it is recommend to stay with what you are familiar with and choose a western style ‘Hotel’.


Traditional style accommodation, Ryokans, can be found in various cities throughout Japan. Ryokans are recommended for visitors who wish to experience authentic traditional Japanese culture such as sleeping on Futons (mattresses) laid on the Tatami (straw mat) floor, taking Japanese style baths and soaking in hot springs. Some have big Tatami rooms, making it possible for even large families to all stay together in the same room. In addition, guests can savour delicious meals made from local delicacies of the region and experience the ‘Omotenashi’, first class level of Japanese quality and service.