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Japan consists of four major islands, surrounded by more than 4,000 smaller islands. It can be divided into several major areas, each with its own distinct culture, so visitors can enjoy a unique experience in each area.


Located in the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido boasts a plentiful, rich and unspoiled natural environment. Although it is most well-known for its ski resorts in winter, it also offers a wonderful, variety of natural landscapes to experience all year round. Their fresh seafood is also not to be missed.


This region covers the northern portion of Japan’s main island. It is surrounded by mountains, which provide spectacular scenery during the autumn season when covered with vibrant red and gold foliage. From the festivals in summer, to the snow in winter, Tohoku offers a variety of attractions throughout the year. Traditional festivals and regional cuisine are also a great experience for visitors.


The Kanto region is on the eastern side of the main island of Japan and consists of seven prefectures, including Tokyo. There are modern cities and popular historical locations which attract many visitors. For those staying in Tokyo, there are numerous day tours available which are highly recommended to experience more of this region.


Japan’s capital city, known as one of the ‘Megacities’ of the world. The shopping and nightlife are just some of the many things to experience in Tokyo.


This is the central region of Japan’s main island which is located directly between the Kanto  and Kansai regions. The Japan Alps run through this region and here you can see Mother Nature at her finest. Traditional villages and towns coexist in harmony with the surrounding nature here unlike anywhere else.


The Kansai region is considered  the second primary economic center of the country and is located in the southern-central region of Japan’s main island. Here visitors can enjoy diverse activities such as shopping or ‘B-class gourmet’, which offers inexpensive yet tasty food, as well as historical and cultural attractions.


Located within the Kansai region, Kyoto and Nara are well-known as the ancient cities of Japan. With temples at every turn, visitors can be immersed in the traditional atmosphere of old Japan. Kyoto and Nara are two of the most popular travel destinations in Japan.


These regions are located on the western side of Japan and boast world heritage sites and some of the most beautiful natural scenery to be found. There are remains of ancient villages to be explored as well as a unique food culture which has been fostered by Mother Nature’s gifts from the ocean, mountains, and rivers.


Kyushu is the third largest of the four main islands of Japan. It is known for its offshore islands filled with natural beauty, volcanoes and abundant hot springs, which are great places to relax. There are varieties of local foods to experience including the popular ‘Hakata Ramen’ noodles.


Okinawa is the southernmost island of Japan, which is surrounded by crystal blue ocean and the climate is temperate all year round. Okinawa culture is very different from mainland Japan and so offers a unique cultural experience to visitors.