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Autumn Outdoor & Culture


The first thing that most people associate with autumn in Japan is the beautiful change of the leaves. Leaves of deciduous trees change to brilliant shades of red and yellow in this wonderful display of nature symbolising the seasons, signaling the approach of winter. Popular viewing locations offer a variety of different ways to enjoy the autumn leaves such as restaurants overlooking the foliage and hot springs where the view can be enjoyed from a hot relaxing bath. Autumn is known in Japan as the ‘Season for a Healthy Appetite’, and is the season for both bonito and mackerel fish. Eating these while enjoying the autumn view is another way to really ‘taste’ the season.

Similar to how mosques are sometimes lit up with evening lights in Malaysia, some areas illuminate the autumn foliage at night, which reveals the leaves in a magical and different way, compared to how they are seen during the day. Japanese style Beca, rickshaws are available to hire and are a great way to enjoy the autumn leaves and traditional scenery. Autumn is also described as the ‘Season of the Arts’ in Japan. Artistic activities come alive and many museums hold various exhibitions during autumn. Visitors can experience the best of Japanese autumn by visiting museums complemented by autumn leaf viewing spots.

Recommended Autumn Seasonal Activities

Autumn Foliage Viewing Locations

There are many foliage viewing locations where visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities such as river rafting, seasonal food and hot springs. Although many of these activities can be enjoyed at any time of year, having the autumn leaves as a background provides a different sense of atmosphere and enjoyment.

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Autumn Mountain Walks

Enjoy walking while surrounded by the autumn leaves. Just as Mount Kinabalu provides a dramatic scenery, visitors can experience a different type of scenery as Japanese mountains change drastically with each season, and autumn is not to be missed. For the serious mountaineer, advanced trekking in Japan is highly recommended.

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Autumn Flowers

Although the Sakura (cherry blossoms) of spring are the most well known Japanese flower, there are many others that bloom during the other seasons. Due to the moderate temperature, autumn is a great time to visit flower gardens. Visitors can enjoy spectacular fields of autumn flowers such as cosmos and poppies.

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