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Autumn Shopping & Nightlife

Autumn is often referred to by Japanese people as the season for reading and eating, however shopping is also an excellent way to spend time. After viewing the autumn foliage it is highly recommended to drop by the market. Big markets like the central market of Kuala Lumpur and night markets that are popular in Malaysia, are also popular in Japan. The early morning markets are filled with brilliant colours and energy, this is not to be missed.

Visitors can not only taste but buy fresh seasonal foods like mackerel and Matsutake mushrooms. They can also purchase other unique regional foods and traditional crafts. Another idea is to buy the delicious cooked meals and go on a picnic. Some food available include rice cooked with Matsutake mushrooms or seasonal delights. One of the great things about autumn is the climate. It is generally mild and visitors can spend time relaxing outdoors. In addition, seasonal foods can be purchased from the department store basement food halls known as Depa-chika, as well as at train stations. Depa-chika sell limited edition sweets and stalls at train stations sell Ekiben lunch boxes full of delicious regional foods.

Recommended Autumn Seasonal Shopping Spots

Morning Markets

The morning markets are a great place to interact with locals and pick up some regionally unique Japanese ingredients and souvenirs. Unlike the conventional supermarkets, visitors can really experience the seasonal food and local culture as it is an exciting and vibrant place to find fresh gourmet ingredients and rare produce at reasonable prices.

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Depa-chika (Basement Food Halls)

These popular food halls found in the basements of department stores, sell a variety of regional and seasonal foods. Those who enjoy Peranakan sweets at shopping centres and night markets will particularly enjoy the atmosphere of the Depa-chika. Visitors can buy limited edition sweets of the season made from ingredients such as chestnuts and yams, which make a great gift for family and friends back in Malaysia.

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Pottery Markets

Autumn is often described as the ‘Season of Arts’ in Japan. It will be a great experience to visit some of the regions well known for traditional Japanese pottery and find a unique souvenir to bring home.

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