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Spring Outdoor & Culture


As winter ends and the temperature warms up, flowers start to bloom and the animals come out of hibernation. This is the time to experience everything that the season of spring has to offer. Because the island of Japan stretches a long way between its north and south, spring comes at very different times depending on the area. In Kyushu, flowers start to bloom from early March, however Hokkaido is still covered in heavy snow at this time. This variety is one of the interesting and attractive features of the season.

Spring brings a variety of activities and events, however the thing that people all over Japan wait eagerly all year for, is the blooming of the cherry blossoms. Just like the Bungaraya, the national flower of Malaysia, cherry blossoms are the symbol of Japan. Although Bungaraya can be seen in its beautiful bloom all year round, the cherry blossoms are only out for a short time. In late March, trees in southern Japan bloom first and flowering progressively occurs up the island with the trees in the very north blooming in the beginning of May. There are numerous popular locations such as shrines and theme parks to see the cherry blossoms, however, visitors can also enjoy the flowers in many other places such as along rivers, in local parks and streets and even in peoples home gardens. The cherry blossoms’ beauty is fleeting as they only bloom for a week at the most, shorter if there is rain or wind. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to enjoy the cherry blossoms in their full bloom.

Recommended Spring Seasonal Activities

Snow and Cherry Blossoms 

Due to the length of Japan from north to south, the climate varies greatly depending on the location. Cherry blossoms will be at full bloom in Okinawa from the end of January and can be enjoyed in the north in early May. In the northern parts of Japan in spring, visitors can not only enjoy skiing at the peak of the mountains but also enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming at the mountain’s base.

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Spring Flowers 

Spring is not just about the cherry blossoms. Other flowers that are also in bloom include peach blossoms, wisteria, tulips, canola flowers and moss phlox. There are many tourist spots all over Japan, which are based on the beauty and variety of flowers that bloom in spring.

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Strawberry Picking 

During the strawberry season, many farms are open to the public for fruit picking. Visitors pay an entrance fee for a set number of hours on the farm where they are free to pick and eat as many strawberries as they like. In Japan, there are many species of strawberry that come in different shapes, flavours and tastes, which are fun to eat and compare.

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