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Spring Shopping & Nightlife

Surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms and warmer weather, spring in Japan is a time where you get to see people having picnics and enjoying the flowers. It is a great time to also go shopping for the many goods and foods that are only available at this time of year.

Although a variety of Japanese confectionary can be found in Malaysia, in Japan you can find many ‘limited edition’ items made with the flavour of the season. The season for the popular Japanese Matcha (green tea) flavour is from April to June and during this time there is a huge variety of Matcha flavoured treats for sale in supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores and specialist sweet shops. Also available for a limited time, between March and May, are the strawberries. There are a number of different species of strawberry, depending on the area where they are grown, and many different ‘brands’ of strawberry have now been established. Sweets created with these famous brands are a special treat.

Cherry blossoms are not just for looking at. Flavours extracted from the flowers and leaves are used in sweets available at this time of year. Sweets with the scent of cherry blossoms and a sweet and slightly salty taste make a great souvenir. In order to best enjoy picnicking under the cherry blossoms, a variety of cute character and Japanese style lunch boxes and picnic blankets are also available to buy.

Recommended Shopping & Nightlife in Spring

Green Tea and Cherry Blossom Sweets 

The sweetness of the cherry blossom flavoured sweets complements the bitter flavour of green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony. They are popular with not only Japanese people but also with foreign tourists. The airport also has a large selection of green tea flavoured goods for sale. Although many Malaysian sweets are also made with red beans, Japan offers unique seasonal flavours with their Sakura mochi (cherry blossom rice sweets) and strawberry Daifuku (sweet rice buns).

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Fun Cherry Blossom Goods 

Although there a number of food stalls to be found near popular cherry blossom viewing locations, it is also fun to buy your own Bento (lunch box) and fill it with a variety of foods. Visitors can buy a picnic blanket and other goods and join in the cherry blossom viewing with the locals, enjoying the spring season in a very different way as to when in Malaysia.

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Night Cherry Blossoms 

There are numerous ways to enjoy the cherry blossoms and many popular locations will illuminate the trees and surrounding areas at night. These places are perfect for an after dinner walk, but as the weather is colder at night, bringing a jacket is recommended.

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