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Summer Outdoor & Culture


Japan’s summer is known for its extreme heat, which is on par with Malaysia’s all-year-round summer temperatures. For those of you who want to experience Japan’s abundant nature without the heat, why not try some outdoor activities or explore World Heritage Sites in one of the cooler regions?

Here, you’ll find the average temperatures are at least 10 degrees cooler than in the major cities and the humidity is lower as well, it also provides the perfect climate for walking and hiking among beautiful summer scenery and flora, as well as for activities like camping and golf. One of the most popular spots is the famous Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak. Listed as a World Heritage Site in 2013, its summit is 300 meters lower than that of Mount Kinabalu (Kinabalu: 4,095m; Fuji: 3,776m). Even so, Mount Fuji is covered in snow during the winter, and for safety reasons is only open to climbers for two months in the summer. The view from the top of Mount Fuji is absolutely stunning, so it is certainly worth visiting during the climbing season and taking on the challenge. Traditional Japanese festivals called Yamabiraki (opening the mountain) are held each year at various locations in Japan to pray for the safety of mountain climbers, which is another must-see of the season.

Recommended Locations & Activities for Summer

Mount Fuji 

The highest point in Japan, Mount Fuji is a major highlight of any Japan visit. Due to safety concerns, regular hikers are only permitted to climb this formidable peak during the summer. Mount Fuji is famous for its beauty when viewed from afar, but the sense of achievement and amazing sight that await you at the top is truly incredible.

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Popular World Heritage Sites

In addition to Mount Fuji, Japan boasts a range of World Heritage Sites located in natural settings that are great for walking or hiking. Explore these World Heritage Sites while enjoying a climate somewhat different to the tropical rainforest-like climate of Malaysia.

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Outdoor Summer Activities

The cooler regions of Japan and mountain areas offer lakes, golf courses, and other sites great for outdoor leisure activities. Escape from the heat of Malaysia as well as the Japan’s big cities and enjoy the great outdoors.

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