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Summer Shopping & Nightlife


There are numerous useful items used during summer in Japan. Many of these items are traditional and are used the same way today as they have been since long ago. They combine the essence of Japanese culture and practicality, while also being pretty to look at. These items are useful not only while in Japan but also after returning home to Malaysia. As many of the items come in Japanese-style patterns, they are perfect souvenirs for family and friends in Malaysia.

The Japanese traditional summer costume, the Yukata, comes in various colours and designs and are great for Malaysian women interested in fashion. For men, there is a Japanese-style summer costume called, Jinbei. In addition to the clothing, there are other items such as Geta (Japanese wooden sandals), Furin (wind chimes) which make beautiful sounds and colourful designs to brighten any room, as well as folding fans called Sensu which come in a wide range of colours and designs. These Sensu, Japanese-style fans, are different from large folding fans often used for decorating a room in Malaysia. The Sensu is lightweight, easy to carry and essential to beat the summer heat. A wonderful way to experience the Japanese summer is to dress up in your own Yukata or Jimbei and join the many Japanese people attending the summer festivals or fireworks displays.

Department Stores 

Department stores can be found in most major cities and are known for their high quality products and services. They have a wide range of products from traditional Japanese goods such as pottery items, Yukata and Sensu, to European brands. In many ways they are similar to shopping malls in major cities in Malaysia. The summer sale period is the time to purchase items at the best prices.

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100-Yen Shops

The Japanese silver coin, 100 yen, approximately equals 3MYR (as of May 2015). The stores carry products such as general items, decorations, stationery, storage containers, kitchen tools and household products, which all cost 100 yen. In summer, seasonal items are also available at an affordable price. Furin (wind chimes) made from glass or metal, make refreshingly cool sounds when blown in the wind. Why not pick up a Furin as a beautiful souvenir from Japan?

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Hanabi (Fireworks)

Fireworks are a major feature of summer in Japan. More than one hundred fireworks displays are held nationwide and the major displays attract as many as 1.4 million people. People like to enjoy fireworks in the sky on a summer night while sitting on a picnic sheet gathered with family, friends and loved ones.

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