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Winter Shopping & Nightlife

The best part of shopping in winter is the sales. From the beginning of January to around February, is the period for major sales, where many items, especially clothes can be picked up at a bargain. One of the most popular items are Fukubukuro, which is a lucky bag containing a variety of goods. They are only sold during the first sales of the year. Nowadays, Fukubukuros are sold at Japanese department stores in Malaysia such as Isetan and Sogo, but in Japan, it is not only department stores but also ordinary supermarkets that have Fukubukuros for sale. The contents of each Fukubukuro are different and remain a secret until purchased and opened. You might make a very lucky find! Another store which should not be missed in Japan is the drugstore. These are quite different from drugstores or pharmacies in Malaysia, as they carry not only medicines but also cosmetics, hair care items, skin care items and household goods – all at very affordable prices. There are discount stores such as Don Quixote chain stores now found at all major cities in Japan and Hyakkin, which sells products all at the price of 100 yen. At these stores, many essential everyday items can be obtained at cheap prices. There are other discount stores specialising in electric appliances, clothes, groceries and many other items. Japan truly is a shoppers paradise. Don’t succumb to the cold weather, head out and enjoy the shopping that awaits you.

Bargain Shopping in Winter


There are two major seasons for sales in Japan, which are summer and winter, they both offer big discounts, especially on clothes, similar to the ‘1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival’, held twice a year in Malaysia. There are many items at 30 or 50 percent discount. The sale period lasts for around one month.

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Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag)

There are many kinds of Fukubukuro containing clothes, fashion items, groceries, jewelry and other items. Each of them hold goods worth much more than the price cost of the bag. However, in most cases, you cannot see what they contain before purchasing them. This is the first test of your luck in the New Year. It’s very lucky to choose a bag that contains the items you were hoping for.

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Discount Stores

There are various kinds of discount stores such as general stores, electronic retail stores, drugstores and 100-yen shops. In Japan, you will easily be able to find items of good quality at low prices. Many of these stores are now well prepared to serve overseas customers and often have a number of multilingual staff available.

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