October 16,2016

Q: How was your experience of exploring Hiraizumi’s history and the wonderful complex of temples hidden in the charming old town?

Chusonji Temple 

Here is the place where we totally discovered the rural charms of Northern Japan. Hiraizumi, situated in Iwate Prefecture, is at the north-east of Japan, and it has obtained the prestigious UNESCO world heritage status for its historical temples, gardens and buildings. It is a lovely town with various amazing temples, one of which is Chusonji. It is absolutely enormous and houses the biggest golden shrine I have ever seen. As the temple sits on top of Mount Kanzan, we had to walk on an uneven and pebbled path before reaching the temple.

The temple lies peacefully surrounded by lush forests. The Golden Hall is located in the green forest showcasing the Buddhist culture. It is in a protective glass enclosure and decorated with gold leafs as well as the mother-of-pearl which should not to be missed. The hall is a mausoleum dedicated to the leaders of the Fujiwara clan, home to the mummified remains of Fujiwara clan.

It was established in Year 850 as a temple of the Tendai, sect of Buddhism. The main rituals and rites of the temple are performed at the Hondo which is the main hall where memorial services and events are held. We saw a temple gong and we managed to hit it gently. We pressed our hands together and bowed once to pray.

The autumn foliage colors of Chusonji were certainly mesmerizing especially as we do not see this kind of scenery in our own tropical country. It’s almost too scenic to be true! When visiting Chusonji, be sure to stop by at a very unique vending machine selling old school bottled flavored milk. Tourists from Japan and overseas constantly flock over here for these unique views. Audio guide is also available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. 

JNTO related URL: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/spot/shritemp/chusonji.html


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