Kakunodate Samurai Residence

October 19,2016

Q: What’s the most exciting destination that you have ever experienced in Tohoku?

Kakunodate Samurai Residence

Our next destination was the Kakunodate Samurai Residence. This area is known as one of the best preserved Samurai District for a good reason. It is a well-maintained historical Japanese village scattered throughout town, which holds remnants of the Satake clan’s great empire. About 80 Samurai families used to live in these 6 houses. We managed to visit a few of the Samurai houses. We particularly loved these two houses for their distinctive architecture: the Aoyagi House and Ishiguro House. The Aoyagi House is an impressive building equipped with extensive museum collections, gift shops and restaurants.

The houses actually showcase how the oldest Samurais lived during their time which included viewing the kitchens, and living rooms. We also realized there are various clans within the samurais.  There was a museum which housed various items of the Samurais who lived including its uniforms, headgears, outfits, and luxury items. It was really a pleasure to note that all these items were very well kept.  An interesting point we noted was that not all Samurais were fighters. Some were professionals such as accountants, engineers, and also had literature background. These samurais stayed in the largest 5 to 6 mini houses within the samurai residences. Also, the richer the Samurais were, the more advance their headgears were. Their wives would also wear expensive kimonos that were from better quality silk containing beautiful pearls, beads of crimsons. This is a popular tourist destination due to the fact that we can learn the rich history and tradition of the Samurais. For example, we never knew there were different clans within the Samurais. In that way, this visit educated us further.

JNTO related URL: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/regional/akita/kakunodate.html


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      3 Omotemachishimochō, Kakunodatemachi, Senboku-shi, Akita-ken, Japan

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