Matsushima Kaigan Coast

October 20,2016

Q: We know that Matsushima is widely famous not only for the beautiful view of islands but also delicious seafood. Share your recommendation on the best place for oysters and some local delicacies.

Matsushima Kaigan Coast

Our final destination was the Matsushima Kaigan Coast. The highlight of the coast is the cruise journey, where more than 200 islands which were formed from natural settings could be viewed. Some of it is underwater. The cruise takes about an hour, and during the sunset we could see the change in water color.

Fresh oysters could be harvested along the island and the coast is the 3rd most scenic place in Japan. This particular region is noted for the seafood and oysters, are a must to try. There is a fish market at the coast where around 1500 types of seafood are available. However, one should go early as the market closes by 3pm. Do not miss to taste the oyster bun curry once there. Other Japanese delicacies such as Sake and Mochi are also available. 

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