Oirase Keiryu & Lake Towada

October 17,2016

Q: Tell us one of the beautiful nature landscapes that will remain in your heart for a long time.

Oirase Kieiryu

A trip to Akita would not be complete without an experience with nature. For this purpose, Oirase Stream was the first we visited.  This stream allows us to be in touch with nature as its ecosystem, within the waterfall contains iron elements, which is good for body healing. The water is extremely clean, crystal clear and well maintained. We walked the river, with many mini to big waterfalls as our viewing pleasure. The spots are used commonly to take photos for calendar shoots or photography enthusiasts for published articles.  If you cannot walk, do take a bus uphill, which would have many stops, to have a breathtaking view of the stream and sceneries.


Q: Share your unique experience with us at the unspeakable natural beauty of Lake Towada.

Lake Towada

The next spot was Lake Towada.  The lake has different views from different sides during different seasons. That is the specialty of the lake. Using the cruise to tour the lake is a great way to view the mountainous range and to view the photogenic place entirely. Do go to the higher deck to enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful surroundings further. The journey normally takes around 45 minutes to the end of the lake side, while there is a bus service to the nearby town which has various shops, food outlets, and also gift shops. All these could be done while people get some rest at ryokans, which are rare in urban areas. Oirase and Towada lakes are extremely popular tourist sites as they offer beautiful sceneries during the autumn season whereby the colors transform from green to red/crimson like colors. The best time to visit would be mid-October to early November. When we went, the color of the lake was blue. 

JNTO related URL: https://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/spot/natuscen/oirasestream.html


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