Sendai City

October 21,2016

Q: Travel to Sendai City: First Impressions

Miyagi Prefecture belongs to the Tohoku region. It is located at the north-east of Japan and contains the scenic spots in Sendai, its largest city; and Matsushima, one of the Three Views of Japan. It has a very rich history, dating back to around Year 1600 where the remains of a castle was a symbol, having a mixture of ancient and contemporary feeling.  The moment we arrived, the city was picturesque and the whole place was bustling. Like the other cities I have visited, Sendai is full of attractions for sightseeing. If you are a person who enjoys nature during your stay, Sendai is the place to go. We enjoyed visiting these historical towns with samurai houses and traditional shrines. We were fascinated by not only its abundant greeneries but with its rich culture, numerous universities, various festivals and its rich food culture. It is definitely an area blessed with unique local delicacies and intriguing historical sites, bringing a quiet and calm feeling to the place.

For those who prefer the dry and sunny weather, autumn is the most suitable time for a pleasant stay in Sendai. During autumn, the amazing seasonal change is something you don’t want to miss! The weather is cooling and the fall foliage during autumn is just breathtaking!


Q: What are Sendai’s most popular sights and the things to do there?

The most convenient way to see all the sights in downtown Sendai is by taking the loop bus which connects to most cities’. We love the Hop-on and Hop-off sightseeing bus tour which gives us the freedom to enjoy the World Heritage sites and other important tourist destinations. One of the stops en route is the Sendai City Museum, which displays relics from the clan. It is a two-storey building, built in 1961, where Masamune’s powerful force can be felt. The buses pass by every 15 minutes and it is definitely the most convenient transportation to include for your perfect itinerary in Sendai.


Q: Can you tell us more about the not-to-be missed things in Sendai City?

As one of the largest cities in Japan, there are a lot of attractions for travelers and the choices can be overwhelming. To make the best of your time, below are some of the highlights that should not be missed in Sendai City. Also, cruise the islands! We had so much fun exploring the islands by the cruise. I can assure that you wouldn’t regret it! We slowly cruised our way through the Matsushima Bay and the skyline was simply breathtaking.

With Miyagi Prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean, it is no surprise that the region is blessed with some of the most beautiful island sceneries in the country. Due to this very reason, Matsushima Bay is considered one of the Three Most Scenic Spots in Japan, sharing the title with Miyajima and Amanohashidate. Matsushima Bay’s islands are not only noted for their picturesque beauty but it is also protected by the coastal town during the 11th March Earthquake and Tsunami. It acted as a natural shield against the destructive force of the tidal wave.  It is also famous for its countless small islands with various features such as Niojima Island and Kanejima Island. Floating oyster beds also can be seen dotted around the Matsushima Bay. Nearby the Matsushima port, various types of local seafood can be enjoyed and of course we enjoyed the Matsushima’s famous cooked oysters!


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