Wanko soba @ Azumaya

October 16,2016

Q: Iwate prefecture's popular Wanko Soba challenges any idea of mannerly and graceful Japanese dining. Tell us the irreplaceable parts of this unique experience.

Wanko Soba Azumaya Restaurant

It was after the war ended that 'Wanko-Soba' became popular especially in Morioka. Upon entering the famous Azumaya Restaurant, we were led to a low table and handed a bib and an empty bowl. Our goal was pretty simple: consume as many bowls of Soba as we can. Once we finished a bowl, another bowl was served promptly. And another, and another… We particularly loved this one aspect of Iwate cruising because this Wanko Soba is one of the best Soba we have ever tasted! The Soba will keep coming in mouthful-sized portions until we could eat no more! It was simply a slurp-worthy challenge! We were also provided with a selection of condiments such as chicken, Tuna Sashimi, mushrooms and grated radish.

The server was standing beside our table, brandishing a tray precariously laden with lots of smaller bowls of Soba. As they refilled the contents into our empty bowls, we had to quickly slurp it down. And when we finally decided that we could not handle another mouthful, we covered our bowls before they were refilled.  You will be complimented with a wooden plaque honoring your achievement of 100 bowls of Soba.

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