Eating Out with Kids in Tokyo

January 23,2017

Here are some tips to make sure everyone’s tummy stays full and happy!

When I was single and childless, my favorite spot in Tokyo I used to go in the middle of the night for supper was to the tiny, super crowded but insanely popular ramen shop. Even though I have to line up for an hour, perhaps I do it as I enjoy the hot bowl of legendary, tasty Japanese noodle.


Although this may not be the smartest thing to do if you travel with kids whose tummies are built differently and may not have the same patience as adults. However, do not allow this obstacle   deter you from experiencing one of the yummiest traditional food in Japan!


If you have kids, here are some eat-out ideas that might be of help.



Kids-Friendly Cafe

Before you head down to a restaurant on your check list, be sure that they are kids-friendly (a quick Google search can help!). Some of the classier restaurant may turn you down if you show up with a bunch of rowdy children, so pay extra attention!


I love to visit the 76CAFE at Omotesando, near Harajuku, Tokyo. They are not only kids-friendly, but welcome furry pets too!

Not to mention their signature Ladybird desserts which is super adorable too!



Family Restaurants

Most Japanese family eat at home when they have kids, which explains the rare sight of kids in most restaurants because eating out is not a very big culture for families. But if they do, family restaurants are everyone’s best bet!

You can easily find Jonathan’s, Denny’s Big Boy Dining, Saizeriya, etc family restaurant around Japan. Not only are they spacious and comfortable, they also have a selection of kids menu to please the little ones!



Koshitsu (Individual Rooms)

If you still like to enjoy a couple of drinks at an Izakaya (Japanese bar with variety of inexpensive dishes) or satisfy your Yakiniku (grill meat) craving, you may request or book a koshitsu, an individual room, that gives you all the privacy you want.

That way you will feel more relaxed and probably less embarrassed if you happen to have spilled juice all over yourself.



If you think you are compromising quality by ordering take-outs, you might be mistaken. Japanese take-outs could be nothing less than gourmet at times! Just take a tour around the Depachika (basement food market) and you will be amazed and crazily wanting to buy it!

This is our luxurious lunch from the food market. Yeah, just like a “5 star gourmet food” brought to our own home.


Convenient Stores

Eating out at a convenience store may sound not interesting, and maybe just a tad unhealthy. But Japanese convenience stores are totally different from those in my own country.


You could choose to eat healthily even from the convenience store!  The sandwiches and onigiri (rice ball with filling) are dangerously addictive! Many Malaysian love it!!

When I am alone with both my kids and eating out is too troublesome, I would just run to the nearest convenience store to get our breakfast or lunch. My usual is a pack of milk, egg & tuna sandwich, a couple of onigiri, two boxes of smoothies, and if available, my favorite Japanese strawberries. And surprisingly this simple dish is quite delicious…


There are many eat outs or take-outs places in Japan. In-fact meals with Kids can be fun too!!





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