November 28,2016

A fun day out in the wild!

Have you ever wished you can drive in the comfort of your own car and say hello to the free-roaming wild animals in close proximity?

Fuji Safari Park lets you do just that.


I love zoos and my son Junya too, so I always bring him to see all the animals whenever I can.

I thought we have to line up for the tickets, then go to the caged jeep and drive around to see the animals from afar. But I was happily wrong.

We only need to purchase the tickets (no queue), and immediately drove our car into the safari for the whole journey. It was fun!! In-fact, we could do a small party in the car.

Baby bears resting by the pond.


We had such a great time!


It was day time so we could see all the animals really close. Sometimes we even have to stop our car to allow the animals to go across.


You could still choose to sit in the safari jeep, where you have the privilege to feed the wild animals (lions?) coming real close, like right next to you. What you may not like is that it feels like you are sitting in a covered cage and the animals outside watching you instead!! 

What the heck! I just love this surrounding. Feels like I am suddenly in the middle of a Savannah…

Then a fairy-tale like forest…

There is also a petting zoo filled with friendly animals like meerkats, warthogs, red kangaroos and dik-diks where you get to touch and greet them.

If you are a pet lover, there are also the House of Cats, the House of Dogs and the House of Rabbits (at an extra charge) where you can play and relax among these furry little creatures!


For more information on Fuji Safari Park, visit the official website (English):


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      Gotemba Station
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      Mar.16-Sep.30. 9:00-17:00
     Oct.1-Oct.31. 9:00-16:30
            Nov.1-Mar.15. 10:00-15:30
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      2255-27 Fujiwara Aza Suyama, Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture Postal code 410-1231

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