Instant Ramen Museum, Yokohama

December 06,2014

For the love of instant noodle, and more!

I have always been inspired by the story of Ando Momofuku, the founder of Nissin cup noodle, who also is the inventor of the very first instant noodle, the Chicken Ramen, now eaten around the world.


I wanted to go to the cup noodles, Instant Ramen Museum by Nissin, because I was very touched when my husband told me about the story of Ando Momofuku, and from then onwards I became a fan of Ando Momofuku (and Nissin).


Ando made an impactful change to the people’s lifestyle and saved many people during the emergency times - be it a hungry student on a super tight budget studying for his exam in the middle of the night, an employee rushing for a project who have no time for lunch, a mother too tired to cook herself proper food after settling with her kids and the house in-order (that’s me!) Also, not to mention how the cup noodles have saved many hungry victims in times of natural disaster.


One of the most popular activity to do at the Instant Ramen Museum is of course to make your very own cup noodle - personalized to be the one and only cup noodle in the world!

First you can purchase the empty ramen cups for 300 yen each. Then go to the design station and decorate your own noodle cups with messages or drawings.

After, you can go to the noodle station to fill your cup with your instant noodle and choice of soup base from 4 different flavors and 4 toppings of 12 different varieties.

If you fancy a quick bite, you can head to the in-house eatery, showcasing noodle choices from 8 different countries for 300 yen.

If you are adventurous, you can even try … guess what? It is the Cup Noodles flavored Soft Cream. I tried it and it was quite a unique, brand new taste explosion, only found in Japan.

The second floor is the Museum Gallery.  You pass through the Instant Ramen History Cube, an area where you can walk down the memory lane decorated with different Nissin’s exhibits from its very first Chicken Ramen to the ones currently available in the market.

You should also take a look at the Wall of Ando Momofuku History, where you can learn how he came up with his ideas of creating the first instant ramen in the world.

Let me share a bit of the story here.


It all started when Japan was suffering from a food shortage post-war period. Ando believed that “peace will come to the world when all the people have enough to eat.”, and his dream was to help Japan feed its entire population. He spent a lot of time trying to preserve the instant noodles without any success. Then one day he discovered the secret, and this idea was inspired after seeing his wife cook tempura. The secret was to flash-fry the cooked noodles in oil!!

This is the replica of Ando Momofuku’s Kitchen, the one that changed the history of ramen. The gallery has many fun corners which focus on the importance of creative thinking. It is like a mini science museum!


Ando Momofuku lived a long and happy life. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 96. Surprisingly his secret to longevity was eating Chicken Ramen every day and golfing.

Now, I must stock up with more Nissin Ramen Noodles to have a happy long life…lol!


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