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November 05,2015

For the animal lovers, and a chance to meet everyone’s favorite Alpaca!

Today I’m going to introduce to you an adorable animal farm where you can even pet an Alpaca!

Of course, it is in Japan!


For some reasons Alpacas seem to be one of the favorite animals in recent years because of all the cute plushie and cartoon characters.


We accidentally found out about this place when we were sending a friend off to Narita airport. Initially we wanted to visit Mother Farm again, but it was out of our way so we decided to search for a nearer animal farm. And bingo!!


We thought it was a park/farm like Mother Farm, but to our surprise it turned out to be an indoor mini zoo inside a shopping mall called the Big Hop Garden Mall at Inzai, Chiba Prefecture.

The entrance fee is 800 yen, and children below 3 years old is free of charge!!!


If you are a bird or Harry Potter fan, this would be an awesome place for you. There are something like10 different kinds of owls waiting for you to admire.


And the highlight of the day for everyone was…


The Alpacas!


I have made so much Alpacurry (curry rice shaped like an Alpaca, a recent trend started by the Japanese “Kyaraben”(short form for character bento) gurus. I really wished I could meet one in real life! I begged my husband to go to Nasu Alpaca Farm in Tochigi, which is maybe 3-4 hour drive from Tokyo. I was surprised to be able to meet one so close to Tokyo!

My first Alpaca encounter! The Alpacas were really tame and so well-mannered!! Having said so, they did nibble on Junya’s shoe laces and mistook my camouflage shirt as a forest.

Junya, not knowing how to react, when seeing so many alien creatures so much bigger than him moving around.


There were other fluffy animals too like the overfriendly goats. They came near me and sniffed me like I was the fresh dewy grass off the meadow.

I bought a cup of lettuce and I was suddenly their “Neymar”. All the creatures were so excited to see me and wanted a piece of (lettuce off) me. Easy, pals! Somehow the goats ended up snatching most of the food while the Alpacas just stared sheepishly at me.


You may be interested to know that the farm also houses other animals like dessert foxes, baby ferrets, a bunch of chicks, a gigantic tortoise, a St Bernard and a dog house full of puppies!


Feline fanatics will also be thrilled to know that there is a cat house where you can sit and play with the kitties.

Junya had a great time interacting with his furry friends!


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  • Transportation facilities
  • trans
      Inzai Makinohara
  • trans
      11:00-19:00 (Closed 2nd Wed)
  • trans
      D-203 Bighop Garden Mall, 1-2 Hara, Inzai-shi, Chiba

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