August 05,2015

Wonders of nature for the whole family

If you are looking for a day-trip break with your family, away from the buzz of Tokyo city, enjoy nice open country side space and farm animals with fruit and veggie picking, Mother Farm in Chiba, about 60-90min minutes’ drive from central Tokyo might be the perfect place. Although the farm is a little far out and not so well-known, it is definitely worth going.

Our family just came back from DisneySea the day before, so I wanted some relaxing time, enjoy valuable time with my family and be close to the mother-nature instead of sitting in a crowded place.


We surely had a great, rejuvenating time at the Mother Farm!


The actual scenery was really much more breathtaking. It is completely of the opposite lifestyle from Tokyo city. There was so few people and hardly any buildings in sight, only vast meadows and blue sky, with scenic mountains far, far away

June is also the month of blooming Ajisai (hydrangea). The beautiful hydrangea had elegant shades of blue and lilac. It looks like a whole bunch of vivid blue butterflies!

It was a perfect day in June, just cool enough but not chilly, occasionally sunny. We just wanted to spend one long lazy afternoon staring afar and breathing in a lifetime worth of peacefulness.


Mother Farm is one of the best petting farms I have ever been! Most of the petting zoo/farm I have been were not really pettable. For most of the zoos/farm, you may go close to touch it but the animals do not smell pleasant.


But in Mother Farm, animals are treated like human-beings. They can roam around freely in its huge enclosure. None of the animals were locked up. (Except the piglets, I think? I guess they were too young to know any better!) They were just moving around like a strange ‘mini-human’ covered with fur. It feels like you can befriend one of them and make it your co-pilot like Chewbacca of Star Wars.

Junya’s co-pilot candidate was a Capybara.


I was so glad that we decided to come here. I have never seen Junya so interested in animals before (fine, the only animals he knows were our Shiba Inu and Mickey Mouse). He was attempting to chase after every single one of them, and all the animals were tame beyond belief. They just sit there and let Junya pet!!

Occasionally they will come and join in our selfies.


After the petting zoo, we decided to walk around the farm. Through sheer good luck we discovered one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen!!

Thousands and thousands of petunia in bright fuchsia forming a beautiful floral carpet.


If you ask me, I would love to go back to Mother Farm again. Be sure to visit early because there were many more activities we missed as we went in late! Other activities you can participate are cow-milking, sheep show, piggy race, etc.


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