Shopping List for Kids in Japan

January 23,2017

Here are some of my personal favorite must-buy items!

My readers often ask if there is anything I could recommend to buy for babies and kids in Japan. Below are some of my recommendations. I usually buy these for my kids too!

1. Baby Food


A wide selection from Kewpie, Pigeon, Wakodo, Beanstalk, Meiji, etc. Prices are really reasonable too! One pack/jar is sold at the price range of 89 to 200 yen!


Why Japanese baby food? Sure, you can find many different types of baby food in a jar in our local supermarkets, but I find our local brands not interesting as it is mostly sweet puree or fruit porridge. But the Japanese baby food is different, offering delectable varieties such as cheese vegetable curry, sukiyaki-style beef with rice, chicken & tomato risotto, fish-ball hot pot-style, and many more. Your baby will surely not get bored from this wide rich range of food!

I normally would fill up the instant baby food because it is truly a life saver for a family like us who are constantly on the move. It would be troublesome and difficult to always carry a food processor, slow cooker and chopping boards with you wherever we go!


There are plenty of varieties that can cater for toddlers from 5 months to 1.5 year toddlers. So, you will certainly find something that would suits your child’s age.


2. Kid’s Mask

This is useful especially for the haze season or when your child caught a cold. I could not find any suitable ones in the local supermarkets so I would always make sure I stock up some at home!


3. Diaper disposable bag

I find this a rather unique culture in Japan. And I think all of us should imitate this practice. Back at home we usually just dispose the soiled diaper in the public areas directly into the bin placed in the toilet or changing room. But in Japan, the parents would wrap up the diapers before disposing it. Of course nobody likes a smelly changing room! You should try the specially designed odorless diaper bin. With just one button push, the soiled diaper is immediately sucked into an air-tight bin!


So let’s be kind to the environment and practice wrapping up your soiled diapers before throwing into the bin!


4. Kid’s Instant Noodle

Ever wish to have kids-friendly instant noodle to satisfy the hunger pangs of your children especially when you are stuck with loads of work?


This Anpanman Instant Udon is specially designed for the kids as it is made with no additives, texture is softer with a lighter soup base, and has vitamins and minerals added in for the little stomach! What’s more it is superbly cute and is bound to make your kiddos really happy eating it!


5. 3D puzzles

This is a great gift for all the Pokemon fans! It is suitable for children of 7 years old and above. There are also many favorite characters such as Rilakkuma, Totoro, Doraemon, all available at the Toys"R"Us in Japan!


6. Horse Oil for Kids

Yes, we have all seen the Horse Oil beauty craze all over the market in recent years. Maybe you are wondering if it is safe for our little kids.


This horse oil moisturizer is definitely safe, suitable even for pregnant ladies and babies. It is so good that you can even use it during the harsh winter weathers!  It is available at most drugstores in Japan.


Hope this information helps you to have a fun, happy shopping time with your kids in Japan!




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