April 13,2016

A theme park perfect for mommy dates!

It could be quite a bummer when you are all ready for an adventure in Tokyo but the weather fails you. But do not let the rain dampen your mood!


On one of the rainy days when outdoor activities was not possible with my two young kids, I decided to bring them to Asobono, one of the largest indoor kids theme parks in Tokyo. Asobono is part of Tokyo Dome City, a massive entertainment town in Tokyo (subway station: Yurakucho). Asobono has outdoor and indoor attractions, theme parks, an onsen (spa) complex and lots of shopping too!


Asobono’s indoor park is great for infants to school children. The older kids can have a whole day of non-stop fun exploring different sections of the park, while the parents can sit and relax (and do some simple work on the phone/laptop too). Lots of mothers come here to catch up with their mommy friends while the kids interact and play with each other. Just the perfect place for tired parents and active children!


We were greeted by a huge ball pit area at the entrance of Asobono.

The baby room (designed for kids of 2 years and below) is spacious and comfortable!

My favorite section is the huge “Town” which is divided into a market place, kitchen and canteen, where you get an endless selection of wooden and plastic food and cooking utensil, eateries from fruits and vegetables to the ultra-realistic curry rice, pasta and even ramen.

I have never eaten so much plastic food in one day.


Since it is only natural that kids like to mess things up, I was actually very impressed at how orderly the things always are! I was amazed at how fast the place gets tidied up. Of course it helps that the Japanese mothers always try to arrange it back to where they belong, while the staff also walk around to pick up and put the things into its original place regularly. That is why the place is always tidy and organized,

There is another themed area called the “Train Station” where kids get unlimited free play with the popular vehicle toys like Tomica, Plarail and LEGO stations.

For young girls who love “make-believe” play and cute characters, there are the doll which houses featuring popular toys like Meru-chan and Sylvania Families. I am a huge fan of Sylvania Families so even adults can have a great time surrounded by all the cute miniature animals.


For more information on the location and ticketing, please visit,

Tokyo Dome City’s website: https://www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/e/amusement_facilities/


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