Traveling in Tokyo with Kids

January 23,2017

Some personal tips from me which may be useful and help you to enjoy your family time in Tokyo!

I travel with my family to Japan almost once a month, and we have a toddler and a baby. Some of my readers often ask me for tips about traveling with kids in Tokyo, so I hope this post can be a reference to help you have a wonderful time traveling in Japan!


1. Any tips when taking flights with kids?

Many of my followers are nervous about flying with kids because nobody wants to be confined in an airplane with wailing children for hours. 


First of all, choose an airline which has children-friendly service; and I know most Asian carriers have this caring service.


So far our flights had been very pleasant. The cabin stewardesses were very, very thoughtful! Not only did they respond promptly to my every needs, they were also very attentive to small details. I received a cup with cap and straw (others just get a paper cup!!) to avoid spillage by those little hands! They also have rinyushoku (infant solid food) for babies on board! They brought a few baby food in jars for me to choose, and then warmed it up just to the right temperature for the little delicate tongue, with ample wet towels (mothers with small children will understand this need!). 


Secondly, bring lots of toy to keep the little ones entertained. They do not have to be expensive. Sticker books are light and compact for flights. I also have an "emergency stash" that consists of new toys to prevent a tantrum from happening.


2. Show us your bag when travelling with kids!

I had to carry almost 10KG (a 7kg baby, a bag and sometimes an umbrella), so I try to pack as light as possible.

Here’s a peek of my bag for everyday outing!

1. The bag I use almost every day is the usual spacious canvas bag, not a special maternity bag.

2. A small “diaper bag” I put inside the big bag for easy usage.

3. Nursing Cape (very important if you are breastfeeding!)

4. Pocket Wi-Fi

5. Camera

6. iPhone

7. Bib

8. Disinfectant wipes

9. Wallet and apartment key

10. Tissue

11. Lip balm and 1X lip gloss of the day

12. Nodo Ame (throat candies)

13. Toy of the day

14. Teether of the day

15. Pacifier (rarely used)


3. Can you recommend some kids-friendly facilities in Japan?

Baby Room/Nursery

Japan is reputed to have world-class baby nurseries.

Just look at that! Depending on the size of the nursery, most of them have everything you will ever need, including vending machines for drinks, baby meals, diapers, hot water dispenser, feeding chairs and changing station.



In most shopping malls there is the Priority Elevator, where a pretty attendant is stationed to guide customer going up and down. She would ask customer inside to go out (politely) if there are families with strollers/wheelchair waiting outside. So I always get into the elevator pretty fast while other shoppers without babies would wait in the long queue. So another advantage with kids!


Rental Stroller

Most malls have this facility too! I especially love this one at Haneda Airport! It is so comfortable and Junya loves it. It also has a lot of space for putting the luggage and bag. Perfect for souvenir shopping!


4. Any tips for taking the public transport?

It is quite a challenge to use the Tokyo spider-web subway maps while attending to your children, especially if you also happen to have a gigantic stroller. Do take note that most stations in Tokyo have a lot of stairs, and you will need the extra time to look for elevators if you travel with a stroller. So, do make sure you have extra travel time so that you won’t be late for your activities!


If you are pregnant, be sure to get a maternity tag to ease your travel experience when boarding the subway. Hang it to your bag or easily visible places to get the Priority Seats in the trains.

Have fun traveling in Japan!




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