July 02,2016

Q: The northern areas of Japan are full of nature that allows us to enjoy all year round. Can you recommend us some gorgeous places of nature that we should absolutely try to visit? 

It feels so surreal to be back in Hokkaido for summer! We were totally in love with the spectacular views of nature especially during summer. For those who love to be surrounded by nature, check these places out when you’re in Hokkaido! 


Q: What is so special about your self-drive experience from Otaru to Hakodate?

We enjoyed a breathtaking view of Mt. Yotei during our drive all the way from Otaru to Hakodate. Seeing Mt. Yotei was one of the highlights of the trip as it stood out among other mountains in the area. The mountain is also known as “Ezo Fuji” as it resembles the Japan’s most beloved mountain, Mt. Fuji. Like Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yotei (1898m) is an active volcano located in Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido. The weather was nice, so we could clearly see that the mountain was half covered by clouds. The clouds kept moving and changing the view of Mt Yotei, but it was still beautiful and majestic.


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     Kyogoku, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture Japan

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