Noboribetsu Hell Valley

July 02,2016

Q: Tell us how you get to explore this sightseeing destination of the day- Hell Valley.

A: We made a short stop at one of the symbolic spots of Noboribetsu, ‘Jigokudani’ (Hell’s Valley). It is a beautiful valley that is said to be the gateway to hell and also selected as one of the most preferred spots for Onsen lovers in Hokkaido. The valley is just less than 2 hours away from Sapporo. It’s on the mouth of the volcano Mt. Hiyori, which erupted some 10,000 years ago and produces thousands of liters of hot water per minute with hot air, steam and volcanic activity. From the reddish-brown face of the mountain, smoke puffed up and we can feel the surrounding hot air on our skins. At the entrance of Jigokudani, Oni and Enma are the guardian demons of Noboribetsu hot springs. Here, we got to experience the dynamics of Jigokudani named for its strong smell of sulfur while hot water, vapors and volcanic gas escape from the crater. Noboribetsu onsen is even one of the best hot springs in Japan, so that they even produce their own bath salts and sell them throughout the country.

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      Noboribetsu Station
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      Boboribetsu Hokkaido Prefecture, Noboribetsu, Japan, 〒059-0551
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