Otaru Canal

June 30,2016

Q: Tell us what are the must-do activities and best-known attractions to discover in this charming Otaru Canal?

A: From Otaru railway station, it was a 10 minutes walk to Otaru Canal. This historical canal runs for a part way through Otaru city and is lined with old warehouses buildings from the late Meiji period. This beautiful canal started all the way back in 1923. It has a beautiful view throughout the whole year. From Otaru Canal, it was another 10 minutes walk to the famous Sakaimachi Street. The whole street of Sakaimachi is lined with old architectures and many crafts shops as well as pastries shops. We had the famous lusciously rich custard cream puffs from Kitakaro that taste like dreams.

  • Transportation facilities
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     JR Otaru station
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     6-6-5 Minatomachi, Otaru-shi, Hokkaidō 047-0007, Japan

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