Robata Set, Sakanaya Shichifukujin Shoten

July 02,2016

Q: What makes your Robata experience truly unique in Sakanaya Shichifukujin Shoten?

A: The high point was “Sakanaya Shichifukujin Shoten”, a Robata-style (Japanese-style char-grill cuisine) restaurant. We had this amazing experience trying the Robata cuisine which offered the fresh, local seafood grilled on large charcoal and served up sizzling on the spot. This is definitely a heaven for seafood lovers. Upon stepping into the restaurant, we immediately enjoyed the ambiance of the traditional Japanese setting with its rustic wood interior and the casual atmosphere. 

By dynamically grilling over charcoal flames and using the minimal seasoning drew out the original and hidden tastes from the ingredients. Here, again, every single thing we ordered was great especially the highest-quality Hotate (scallop) and Ika (squid) were well-cut and slowly grilled over not-too- close high heat. 

At Sanakaya, you lightly grill the seafood yourself at the table, and eat with a drop of lemon.The servers even helped us with the cooking as we weren't very sure how long we should grill the various seafood. Juicy seafood, grilled meat with just the right amount of salt, the food of course was utterly delicious. 

The seasonally-available seafood from Hokkaido are best paired with Japanese sake. The restaurant also offers various brands of sake for tasting, which allows you to taste a little amount of each sake brand in just 1000 Yen. What a bargain! We washed down each and every bite with sake as barbecued seafood is best complimented with alcohol. The restaurant is highly recommended for its fresh seafood, friendly atmosphere and extensive drink list.


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      Otaru Station
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      6-5 Minatomachi, Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture 047-0007, Japan
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