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Although there are many Japanese restaurants in Malaysia, in Japan, visitors can truly enjoy the country’s unique culinary culture and Washoku traditional Japanese cuisine, which was recently added to Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Besides the well-known sushi, there are a variety of culinary delights ranging from the high-end Kaiseki traditional Japanese banquets to the more casual meals such as Ramen noodles and Japanese desserts. Japanese culinary culture can be enjoyed by all and brings new delights with each season.

Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

Halal stores in Japan sell Halal certified processed food, instant noodles and sweets.

Visitors Guide for Muslim Visitors

Dining Tip for Muslim Travellers

An increasing number of restaurants are displaying menu information for Muslim guests so it is now easier for Muslim visitors to enjoy both Japanese and international cuisine in Japan.

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Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

Muslim visitors can inquire about details of services provided for Muslim customers. By using the ‘communication sheet’ below, customers can check the ingredients and type of service provided.

Communication Sheet