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Announcing the start of operation of the Limited Express “Romancecar” -EXEα

Mar 23, 2017 in Travel Agents

ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY has started operating the Limited Express Romancecar-EXEα, a renovated version of the Romancecar. It connects Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station with Hakone and Enoshima, offering a comfortable ride to these destinations. All seats are reserved, and a limited express ticket is required in addition to the regular ticket. The renovated cars are more convenient ...

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Foreign Friendly TAXI in Kyoto City

Mar 16, 2017 in Travel Agents

Foreign Friendly TAXI is a newly established taxi service for foreign visitors to Kyoto City. The first ever foreigner-first taxi stand has been established at Kyoto Station. You can have a Foreigner Friendly Taxi dispatched by using the Taxi dispatching application, “Japan Taxi”. Credit cards and traffic IC cards are readily accepted. More than two ...

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