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Activities and Cultural Experiences in Japan

Most people immediately associate Japan with being a high-tech metropolis. However, few people know that Japan also abounds in tranquil areas of nature, which are distinctly different from the tropical beauty of Malaysian nature. The distinctive four seasons of Japan bring with them different landscapes, outdoor activities and cultural experiences, and are a must-see. It is also highly recommend to experience the regional festivals held across Japan throughout the year and, of course, one of the most famous representatives of Japanese culture – the hot spring. Just as each city in Malaysia offers a different type of atmosphere, one of the beauties of Japan is its variety, depending on the region and season.

Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

There are even hot springs located in central Tokyo. They have theme-park style attractions and foot baths which can be enjoyed even while fully clothed.

Information of Hot Springs in Tokyo 

Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

Some theme parks are equipped with a prayer room. If not, you may find one in nearby hotels or shopping centres.

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