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Shopping & Nightlife


One of the most exciting things about coming to Japan is the shopping. Many visitors come looking for the high quality but reasonably priced Japanese electrical goods while many others are keen to see the youth fashion, which has recently boomed in popularity among young women all over Asia. Other different shopping experiences are the morning markets and traditional handicrafts. Visitors can also enjoy end of season sales where they can pick up bargain items.

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Night life

There are plenty of places in Japan, especially in the metropolitan areas, which offer a variety of entertainment options and night life. Many retailers are open until late and visitors can enjoy shopping and dining without having to worry about the time. Lively Izakaya’s (Japanese bars or taverns) and street vendors selling unique local tastes are filled with the local after-work crowd and provide a different experience to traditional restaurant dining as well as the chance to interact with locals. Activities such as Karaoke, which is now popular all over the world, is also recommended as a fun way to experience the local night life of Japan.

Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

As many of the larger shopping centres are equipped with prayer room facilities, Muslim visitors can enjoy shopping without concern.

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Travel Tip for Muslim Travellers

Popular shopping districts such as ‘Ameya Yokocho’ located in Ueno, Tokyo, have Halal stores which sell spices, Halal meat and other items.

Visitors Guide for Muslim Visitors