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Trending Kansai

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1. Sakuya Lumina

Sakuya Lumina
  • Sakuya Lumina

    mapOsaka Prefecture, Osaka


  • Take an enchanted walk around Osaka Castle! Sakuya Lumina is the latest experience in the Lumina night walks series, where participants embark on an interactive night walk around the castle grounds. Using lights, soundscape, scenography, and videos, walkers interact with the installations in conveying various emotions throughout the night. The plot involves Akiyo who came from the future and needs to return to her universe. With the help of her friends and guiding lights in the night, you can help Akiyo return home by partaking in the Sakuya Lumina!

2. Tower of the Sun, Osaka

Tower of the Sun
  • Tower of the Sun

    mapSuita, Osaka Prefecture


  • A symbol of EXPO’70 commemorative park, the Tower of the Sun is a 70m tall piece of art representing the evolution of time. The tower has three faces – the Future is represented by the tower’s Golden Mask at the apex, the Present is in the form of the Face of the Sun at the tower’s front, while the Black Sun at the back represents the Past. Previously inaccessible, the tower’s interior is now open since 2018 March, exhibiting the evolution of life. From the amoeba to mankind, dozens of lifeforms are showcased inside the tower.

3. Abeno Harukas, Osaka

Abeno Harukas
  • Abeno Harukas

    mapOsaka, Osaka Prefecture


  • Be on the edge of the vast Japanese sky! Edge the Harukas is an attraction offering a walk on the edge of Japan’s tallest building – the 300m-tall Abeno Harukas. Visitors wear safety harnesses and are taken to the edge of the building’s rooftop to see Osaka’s vast urban landscape. Being the first skyscraper attraction of its kind, Edge the Harukas gives visitors an urban treat of adrenaline rush.

4. Peanuts Hotel, Kobe

Peanuts Hotel
  • Peanuts Hotel

    mapKobe, Hyōgo Prefecture


  • Imagine. Happy. Love. Such are the three guiding themes of Peanuts Hotel, a trendy place to stay in the city of Kobe. Designed based on the popular American comic strip, Peanuts Hotel pays homage to Charles M. Schulz’s comic masterpiece. From baseball to the Wild West, each room is unique in design and thus each guest will experience a different theme during their stay. With a restaurant and a cafe featuring Peanuts, guests are guaranteed an entertaining stay in the diverse city of Kobe.

5. The Veranda, Kobe

The Veranda
  • The Veranda

    mapHyōgo Prefecture, Kobe


  • Located 400m above sea level, the Veranda depicts an impressionable, lush-green view of Kobe City. Designed with classic luxury, the architecture resembles of a Western housing and a café fusion.. The Terrace section provides an open-air relaxation to coffee and wine-totting patrons, while the Café Lounge interior sets diners at ease with the signature Nunobiki Herb Burger and a variety of teas. A small herb garden greets the Veranda’s guests, with over 200 kinds of herbs blooming at every season. Set your mind at ease – the Veranda will make you feel right at seventh heaven.

6. Biwako Canal, Kyoto

The Veranda
  • Biwako Canal

    mapShiga Prefecture, Kyoto


  • Celebrate Kyoto’s historical past through a ride on the Biwako Canal Cruise! A row to ancient past, the boat ride takes visitors through a complex aqueduct that runs from near Nanzenji Temple to Lake Biwa and Kyoto proper. The journey begins in the old Pump Station, formerly a water supply station for the Imperial Palace. Travelling through chilly tunnels, the boat ride takes visitors to canopies of maples, and hilly footpaths. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon, the Biwako Canal Cruise draws an impressive look at Kyoto’s rich industrial past.

7. Toni Toni, Kyoto

The Veranda
  • Toni Toni

    mapKyoto-shi, Kyoto


  • Shop till you drop in Toni Toni, a new shopping center next to Heian Shrine. From matcha takoyaki to daruma dolls, there are many shops offering Kyoto specialities. Souvenirs ranging from chopsticks to rice cookers are sold tax-free here, making for an ideal place to shop before leaving Kyoto. Numerous classic souvenirs are on display, such as the yatsuhashi – confectionaries made from rice flour.

Discover Kansai by places

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